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Full Mouth Restoration in North Burnaby

At Northgate Dental Centre in North Burnaby, we offer full mouth restorations for our patients using various cosmetic procedures for aesthetic and functional purposes.

Full Mouth Restoration | Northgate Dental Centre

What is a Full Mouth Restoration? 

A full mouth restoration combines multiple services and procedures to give you comprehensive treatment for your oral health condition, from both a functional and aesthetic perspective. 

Why Might I Need a Full Mouth Restoration? 

Worn, missing or damaged teeth can have a detrimental effect on your ability to chew or even feel comfortable in social settings.

Teeth marred by neglect, lack of care and even improper dentistry often require comprehensive restorative treatment, involving a combination of cosmetic and restorative dentistry procedures.

The need for full mouth reconstruction may result from:

  • Lost teeth due to decay or trauma
  • Fractured or damaged teeth
  • Worn-down teeth from long-term acid erosion or tooth grinding
  • Jaw, muscle and headache pain requiring adjustments to the bite

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